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The most engaging social media is managed by subject matter experts. Those people who are passionate about their subject matter. 

Who are we talking to? Where do our customer relationships start and end and why would they trust us?

These are the questions many companies don't ask themselves before launching campaigns. 

The basics of marketing apply to any online engagement: 

  • Who is your audience? 
  • What do you want to say to them?
  • When are your audience online?
  • Where are they already visiting? 
  • Why would they interact with you, share your content, comment on your posts? 

Ask us about the social media we do for Foxtel MAIN EVENT

Social Media memes created August 2017 for Mayweather vs McGregor for Foxtel MAIN EVENT. Sometimes the fighter's words speak for themselves. Polarising quotes motivate the audience to be enraged and engaged online...

Social Media memes created July 2017 for Pacquiao vs Horn earlier this year for Foxtel MAIN EVENT. Generating a buzz for one or the other fighter always adds to the banter and gets your audience more engaged online...

  • 800-foxtel-cult-crime-small
  • 800-foxtel-crime
  • 800-couch-comedies
  • 800-Foxtel-pacquiao-vs-horn-9
  • 800-Foxtel-pacquiao-vs-horn-8
  • 800-Foxtel-pacquiao-vs-horn-7
  • 800-Foxtel-pacquiao-vs-horn-6
  • 800-Foxtel-pacquiao-vs-horn-5
  • 800-Foxtel-pacquiao-vs-horn-4
  • 800-Foxtel-pacquiao-vs-horn-3
  • 800-Foxtel-pacquiao-vs-horn-2
  • 800-Foxtel-pacquiao-vs-horn-1
  • 800-Foxtel-mayweather-vs-mcgregor-6
  • 800-Foxtel-mayweather-vs-mcgregor-5
  • 800-Foxtel-mayweather-vs-mcgregor-4
  • 800-Foxtel-mayweather-vs-mcgregor-3
  • 800-Foxtel-mayweather-vs-mcgregor-2
  • 800-Foxtel-mayweather-vs-mcgregor-1
  • 800-Foxtel-horn-vs-corcoran-8
  • 800-Foxtel-horn-vs-corcoran-7
  • 800-Foxtel-horn-vs-corcoran-6
  • 800-Foxtel-horn-vs-corcoran-5
  • 800-Foxtel-horn-vs-corcoran-4
  • 800-Foxtel-horn-vs-corcoran-3
  • 800-Foxtel-horn-vs-corcoran-2
  • 800-Foxtel-horn-vs-corcoran-1
  • 800-Foxtel-disney-classics
  • 800-Foxtel-cult-crime
  • 800-Foxtel-bestmovies-2017
  • 800-Foxtel-Movies-promo
  • 800-Foxtel-Classic-Crime
  • 800-Divas-and-dance-moms
  • 800-CFF-fb
  • 800--Foxtel-Aussie-crime

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