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Why do I need SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? 

In a nutshell - Because you need to be found.

SEO, the facts -

Everyday, the search engines average 300 million searches conducted by people looking for information, products, and services. A 2014 Forrester Research report found that 81% of consumers on the Internet find products and services by using search engines.

13 million Australians are now online making 6 million searches per day on Google Australia

Here are some interesting statistics from a recent survey conducted by Enquiro Search Solutions Inc.

  • 93.4% of respondents use the internet to research their diagnosis and treatment
  • 63.9% of respondents go to the search engine as the first step in this process
  • 27.3% researched offline
  • Only 7.9% didn't find what they were looking for
  • 76.7% of Google users used the natural search links
  • The top 3 organic listings accounted for 59.6% of the click-troughs

The evidence is overwhelming:

If your website isn't ranked as one of the top natural search results in a search, you won’t likely be part of their decision.

Without search engine optimisation, it is extremely unlikely that websites will rank well enough to be found naturally.

A 2012 StatMarket.com study found that only 7% of all websites are visible by the search engines (less than 5% in Australia). The reason for this is that many online businesses fail to address the importance of search engine optimisation, building their site without any regard to search engine compatibility at all.

SEO is a constant review and enhancement of your website and the content in your web pages. SEO optimises your site and makes sure Google sees your site as 'relevant'.  Keywords and articles in your site, all contribute to being found.

Each week, we spend 1-2 hours per site, minimum, on SEO (search engine optimisation). We do this to make sure that people find our websites on search engines. The aim is to keep your rankings through search as high as possible. See below for more details about the importance of regularly managed SEO.

What we do weekly for each of our client websites:

  • Check Webmaster tools on Google and Bing for any broken links that are indexed, which happens from old content or old sites linking to us incorrectly and setting up redirects for these broken links.
  • Audit of which keywords are searched on the site during the previous week and making edits to meta data as required.
  • Check for duplicate meta descriptions and titles in Google and making edits as required

Google Adwords

Google can take a while to organically index your site. 

Google Adwords enables you to place an advertisement on the top or right hand side of the search results on search results pages and other affiliate websites such as YouTube.

Prospective customers type in keywords relating to your product or service and your advertisement is displayed search results page. The customer then clicks on your ad and it takes them directly to your website.

ABE have over 7 years experience in creating Google Adwords campaigns for our customers. 

We like to start from the ground up when starting to plan a campaign using sound marketing techniques and information gleaned via Google anaytics from client websites to help make the best choices before we start.

Each campaign includes

Review of current SEO activity and keywords that are currently searched on your site

  • Audience definition - who are you targeting?
  • Audience scoping - where are your customers searching and when?
  • Planning - what results do you expect from your campaign? Is your landing page continuing your story and closing the loop for potential customers
  • Campaign set up - geo targeting, device targeting and campaign specifics
  • Remarketing - making sure your campaigns forllow your customers
  • Reporting - Is your campaign working? Stats daily, fortnightly weekly - by device, by keyword, by region and more


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