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How do you represent the passing of time without words or traditional symbols?

This brief was given to the creative team at ABE recently by Genesis Cancer Care Western Australia. Radiation therapy treatment for cancer can go for more than a month, with patients receiving treatments in five minute increments each day.

As part of a radical overhaul of the treatment rooms in Western Australia, the team wanted to have a way of recognising the passing of time for patients; and at the same time give them something visually rewarding,

Together with our 3D visual artist extraordinaire, Tom Taylor, we came up with a concept of a virtual environment where a tiny sapling grows each day of treatment into a magnificent tree.

The image environment can animate during the short treatment to include wind and nature effects including insects and bees.

The overall outcome of the project is to re-think the positive effect of the benefits of nature and calm in the mind of the person undergoing treatment.

animated tree