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We have a teriffic client who has outgrown their city premesis and is moving offices over the Christmas period.  With great judgement, their CEO put together a crack-team of staff who have been working on both the building refit plus a comms plan for the move.  There are challenges that come with moving away from the public transport hub of the CBD that needed to be addressed to make sure staff felt supported with the additional travel time and unfamilar surroundings.

As part of this comms plan, we were comissioned to create a number of maps to help staff to identify the transport points, facilities and fun things nearby. We were then also comissioned to create maps of the site buildings, transport routes and finally interiors to familiarise staff on where they sit.


news map

Where are we located and what's nearby?

news map 1

Bus transport routes in detail

news map 2

Site detail - what building are we in?

news map 3

Where do I sit? - Staff maps